A time to rejoice and a time to re-CHARGE for what is coming!

We have plenty to rejoice, especially after the year we had in 2018 with 9 international trips and breaking ground events in several areas of the ministry. A year of seeing a lot of changes in the people we ministered to and even in our own teams.

God is so good! As we go, HE empowers us and in the process, we see change, starting in our own lives! This year, Laurie and I saw a different dimension of desire to minister in our team like never before. We saw a boldness that took ministry to a total different level. What a joy to see our team grow in their own Spiritual walk and to see them develop in their callings!

We strongly believe that this “Spiritual momentum” will carry us to our assignments for 2019, which include our 9thyear to the Dominican Republic and our medical mission activities there. On March 3rda team of 18 will depart and take much needed medical attention to some of the neediest areas of this nation. Alongside our partners in Miami, FL, Jose’s Hands, we will bring doctors, nurses, medical students and ministers to the western side of the DR and border towns with the nation of Haiti. Together we pray, we will see LIFE spread out via medicine and prayer and the message of a loving Jesus! Pray as we go!

Our year continues with domestic trips to the Greater Metroplex of Dallas / Ft Worth and working side by side with our dear friends of The Walk Church – USA. This is a ministry to the senior communities and Memory Care Units of the DFW area. We have been involved with TWC for 6 years now and our teams love going down to the DFW area to love on these folks. As TWC states…”seniors don’t retire from going to church or Praising God”!

In May, OTTOM will return to Europe! This will be our first time with a team since 1995! For this trip, we will travel to the nations of Hungary and Romania and there minister in churches, orphanages, parks, schools and wherever we may have an audience that will listen about the Love of JESUSCHRIST! We are thrilled to go and see all our savior with do in the lives we will touch, and in our own very lives!

July will mark our 6thtrip to Puerto Rico since 2015. Half of these trips took place during OTTOM’s rapid response efforts post Hurricane Maria. This time around, we will take our drama team and we will also have two days of medical clinics in two of the still affected towns in the island. A team of 40 will “invade” this Commonwealth of the USA from July 4thto the 16th. Pray for us!

Our missional year will be rounded up with more trips to Dallas, a construction team to Belize to work on a training center and trips to Mexico’s Rancho 3M orphanage and our November trip to the Republic of Cuba!

As you can see, OTTOM is re-charging to see more lives transformed by the touch of a loving God and the life-changing message only JESUS can bring. Allow me to extend an invitation for you to join us in prayer. We say around here…”PRAYER is the oil that lubricates the machine we call MISSIONS! Pray for our teams! Pray that every financial need will be met, from trips, to medicines, to each and every one of our missionaries. Money should never be “the wall” that keeps our missionaries from fulfilling The Great Commission!

Also, please accept my invitation to join us in any of our trips this calendar year.


Destinations / Dates / Cost

  • Dominican Rep. / March 3rd– 8th/ $999.99 Land Only
  • Dallas / Ft Worth / April 13th-14th/ $79.99/person from Tulsa
  • Hungary & Romania / May 30th– June 8th/ $2,799.99/person from Tulsa
  • Puerto Rico >>> FULL >>> AT CAPACITY!
  • Mexico / October 12th– 20th/ $379.99/person from Tulsa
  • Cuba / Nov. 14th– 20th/ $1,399.99 / person from Tulsa (plus Cuban Visas $75)


As a reminder, any donation you choose to do via OTTOM, is tax deductible. OTTOM is registered with the State of Oklahoma as a 501-C-3, not-for-profit organization.

Thank you and may the Lord Jesus bless you, your family, your work/studies and may joy flow from you during this new year and always!


Committed to make a difference,

Pastor Victor A. Cruz


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Since 1986…In 65 Nations!