Our Story

The year was 1986, and in the mind and heart of Dr. Wayne S. Smith a vision was brewing. The vision to form a ministry that would go, would give, and above all, would love with the love of JESUS CHRIST, using the tool of medicine.

At the time Dr. Smith was the Dean of the School of Theology (Undergrad) at Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As his first outreach, Dr. Smith mobilized 30 doctors to the city of Acapulco, to share the Gospel via medical clinics in some of the poorest areas of that popular tourist city.

The vision became clear and, shortly after their return from Mexico, One to the Other Ministry (OTTOM) was born! Dr. Smith continued taking teams to many nations until his retirement in 2001. It was then that long time leader, Pastor Victor Cruz, took his place at the helm of the ministry.

Victor and his wife Laurie, have a background in theater and the experience of traveling around the world with the dramatic dance production company Impact Productions of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They decided to add this vital element to the ministry with the incorporation of drama evangelism and Evangelism Through the Arts seminars.

This dramatic tool added a strong component to the ministry as team after team took to the streets with the clear and powerful message of hope, forgiveness and love as the Greatest Love Story was presented. Performance after performance, lives were changed and communities were impacted here in the USA and abroad. Indeed, there is power in the name of Jesus Christ!

After more than 30 years, the combination of medical clinics and drama evangelism has proven to be a perfect mix to reach a larger audience as we strive to touch communities globally.

In 1994, OTTOM was introduce to the need for a disaster relief component to the ministry, after a small team of 8 landed in Honduras to bring aid and hope to the devastation created by Hurricane Mitch. Since then, OTTOM has answered the call to Disaster Relief in Haiti (earthquake), Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas (tornadoes), and most recently in Houston (Hurricane Harvey) and in Puerto Rico (Hurricane Maria).

One to the Other Ministries has had the honor of working side-by-side with amazing ministries all over the world. Some of these areas include Argentina (Vision de Futuro, lead by our dear friends Pastors Omar Cabrera Jr. and his wife Alejandra); Costa Rica (our dear friends the Taylor Family and the churches of Vida Abundante and Semilla); and South East Asia regions (and our long time friend Pastor Mark McClendon, who covers almost 10 nations in the area). OTTOM is blessed to call these and many more, our GLOBAL PARTNERS in The Great Commission!

One to the Other Ministries understands the urgency of the times! OTTOM presses on, year after year, to touch lives and impact communities in as many places as the Lord allows. Part of our mandate is to take with us as many as possible and introduce them to the joy of living missionally. As we go, we train and disciple, and we hope that this experience becomes part of each persons DNA.

Join us as we GO, GIVE, and LOVE the Nations…in the NAME of THE ONE…for THE ONE…by THE ONE! One to the Other Ministries.


Victor Cruz

Laurie Cruz

Lee Fruh

Brent Furlong

Kevin Smith

Roger Nix