As I sit here in my uncle’s mountain-top home with a spectacular view of the metro area of this capital city, I am thankful in my heart for LIFE!

I look around and I see life! Life in a place that was so devastated just 17 months ago. A place that is not totally recovered from the furry of Hurricane Maria, but that is making big strides in getting back on their feet.

I also thank God for life, as I just had a birthday and I am always grateful for the family, community, and friends, which are full of life, that God has given me!

I know life is precious and we need to count our blessings day after day. This became ever so real this past week when I attended the memorial service of a dear friend. My friend and I attended Oral Roberts University together for 3 out of the 4 years and we have stayed connected through the years.

Just recently, we attended the newly elected Governor Kevin Stitts’ Inaugural Service and we had even set a time to catch up and do lunch together. What a shock it was to find out that my friend of more than 30 years, and at the young age of 58, had passed away.

Life is precious! Life is the amount of “ticks” not only from the clock but from our heart. Each and every single one of us will die someday. Dying is part of living, but the real question is, does every one truly live? Everyone will die, as just said, but not everyone lives to the full magnitude of what God has planned for each and every one of us.

So, what we do with the amount of “ticks” in our “counter” is the degree of legacy we will leave for the ones that follow us. Some folks leave us way too early, like my friend. But my friend left a mark that will be felt for generations to come. What marks are we leaving? Are we living like the words spoken by Maximus in the cinematic production of Gladiator…”What we do on this earth, echoes in eternity”!

Personally, I want to do more! More for my family! More for my community! More for the nations!

Let’s all pause and take a few minutes of self-examination and ask ourselves, am I doing everything within my power to live a life that leaves marks in the life of others and propels them and at least nudges them towards JESUS.  


Father, help us all to be more! This is my prayer!


Committed to make a difference,

Pastor Victor A. Cruz

President – One to the Other Ministries


Touching Lives…Impacting Communities…Since 1986…In 65 Nations!