Our passion is Jesus! This passion is showcased by loving people via our medical clinics and our evangelism outreaches in schools, universities, plazas, and churches. It is also displayed in loving folks in assisted living and senior centers. This love is very much in the spotlight as we share Jesus to children in orphanages and hospitals around the world. Our passion continues in every hard-hit location where disaster has occurred. Since 1998, OTTOM’s passion for souls in dire need has taken us to multiple destinations via our Emergency Relief Teams. What is our passion? To Touch Lives and Impact Communities in the Name of The ONE…JESUS!


As God uses you to change the lives of others, He works in you to change your life forever.

U.S missions

Next Date: To be Determined – Check Back Soon!


Thursday Night Lights

3rd & Detroit <> Downtown Tulsa

Feeding the homeless of our city

We do this several times a year, check back often for new dates!

Cost: $0

Dallas/Fort Worth – The Walk Church, USA

DATES: Postponed due to COVID

Ministry to Sr. Citizens and Memory Care/Alzheimer Center Residents

Estimated Cost: $79.00 from Tulsa – Includes Transportation/Lodging/Meals

Will you answer the call?


International missions

Dominican Republic  – To be Determined

Medical Mission to western side of the DR and the Haitian border.

Estimated Cost: $795.00 + cost of flight to Santiago, DR

Summer Mission 2021  – June 28th – July 11th from Tulsa or Dallas

This will be a Spellbound outreach to schools, colleges, universities, plazas, an orphanage, and churches.  Our outreach will take place in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We will explore the extraordinary life of Nelson Mandela and experience an African Safari on our days off. This will be OTTOM’s inaguaral visit to the African continent!

Space is limited to 35 total missionaries.

Estimated Cost: $2,795/person

Romania – August 1st-8th

This is a medical mission trip to the mountains of Transylvania, Romania. We will be focusing on the Roma people. The people group is abandoned by its own government and we want to be a light and a blessing to the least of these. Families and many children will be a prt of this outreach. We will also do a VBS. Also included, a wonderful day off in Budapest, Hungary.

Max 20 missionaries.

Estimated Cost: $1,795

Mexico – October 10th-16th

One of OTTOM’s favorite trips! We do a variety of tasks on this trip, but the highlight is investing time with the children and staff of Rancho 3M. A marvelous mission experience for the rookie and experienced missionary alike. This is the perfect full family mission trip.

Max 40 missionaries total (20 guys and 20 gals).

Estimated cost: $425/person

Cuba – Havana & Ciego de Avila – Moron  – November 4th – 11th

Extremely different mission trip – in association with Costa Rica Missions.

For the last four years OTTOM has been traveling to Cuba and building relationships. You will make friends that will quickly become family. Join us!

Max 12 missionaries (age 18 and older).

Estimated cost: $1,495

Prepare for your missions trip


We’re looking forward to the opportunity to travel with you! All trips with OTTOM begin with an application. Apply here.


All international passengers must have a valid U.S. Passport. Apply early as processing times can be much longer during peak travel periods.



Begin to build a team around you that will pray for you and support your trip financially. Really share your heart with your team and let them be a part of what you will do!


This is the most important part of preparation for your trip! We schedule group prayer before each trip.   If you don’t live nearby, you are welcome to join us via FaceTime or Skype.


Our OTTOM worship playlist will help you prepare your heart for the trip and help you know the songs we will sing together on the trip.



Be prepared to share your personal story and to present the Gospel.



We are proud to work with the following domestic and international

ministry partners to share the greatest love story ever told.

Questions you may have

How will I communicate with my family at home during the trip?2018-04-11T13:17:19-05:00

First let us say that we are going on this trip for an express purpose: to share the gospel! Cell phone use will be extremely limited for our team members during the trip. That said, it is important for your family to know you are safe and sound while you are away. We chose our lodging with the requirement that internet be available to our teams. There will usually be at least one point each day when you should be able to connect to the internet to send messages home. Please let your family and friends know in advance that you will not be as readily available as you are when you are at home. We will be out in ministry most of the day – many days are very, very long. When we are back at our place of lodging, the internet may be slow or even temporarily unavailable. Emergency contact information will be made available for each trip.

Will my cell phone work on the trip?2018-04-11T13:16:22-05:00

Please be sure to check with your cell carrier before you leave! Many cell phone plans are extremely expensive internationally. We recommend putting your phone in airplane mode and only communicating via wifi.

What if I fall ill while on the missions trip?2018-04-11T13:10:18-05:00

We will work with our local contacts to find medical help as needed. In our many years of travel, rarely have we had a team member so ill that a days rest didn’t bring them back to health. If needed, local doctors are available and pharmacies carry most common US prescriptions. That said, now is the time to work on being healthy while you are traveling. Get as much rest as you can – do not start the trip exhausted. Take daily vitamins and eat as healthily as possible before you go. Also, for those who would like to purchase insurance: https://www.faithventures.com/insurance/#compare

What if I have dietary restrictions?2018-05-11T14:04:30-05:00

Please let us know and we will try to accommodate you as much as possible. We are committed to being respectful guests and eating whatever is served. That said, we understand that there are circumstances that require special attention. We are happy to work with you, just be sure to let us know in advance so, together, we can come up with a plan.

What if I can’t raise the full amount of the trip?2018-04-11T13:11:19-05:00

Funding for trips is handled in two ways.
1. Deposits are collected and then passed onto the Airlines, Bus Companies, and Hotels. Those deposits are not refundable (to OTTOM from the travel provider or to the individual missionary). Airline tickets are purchased and Hotels and Bus are paid for in advance. If money in your trip account has been dispersed in this way, it cannot be refunded, regardless of if you have fully finished raising the funds for the trip or not.
2. Some funds are held until travel time and are used for expenses on the trip (such as meals in restaurants). If you are unable to travel these funds may be held in escrow for future travel for up to one calendar year.
As a ministry that accepts donations and gives tax receipts we must follow the IRS rules. If a donation is given as a gift, it is not eligible to be refunded.

Do I need to arrange for domestic travel on my own?2018-04-11T13:13:46-05:00

Read the trip details carefully to see if airfare is included in the trip cost, and if so, from which city travel will commence. If you need to arrange travel on your own, we will let you know arrival and departure times needed.

How much extra money do I need to bring?2018-04-11T13:14:12-05:00

Most trips have almost all of your expenses covered. Check the trip details to see how many meals you will need to purchase yourself (usually just the travel days and 1 meal on our day off.) The other money you may plan on bringing is money for snacks and souvenirs (you know your shopping habits!), and possibly baggage fees (depending on the airline).

What should I pack?2018-04-11T13:14:48-05:00

Begin to prepare for trip. Begin to prepare for trip. Begin to prepare for trip.

Other ways we minister

In Our Hometown Tulsa

    • Quarterly OTTOM provides food to the homeless population of downtown Tulsa. (around 150)
  • Every Spring Break, OTTOM helps Believers Church with their project called TULSA MISSIONS

Surrounding States

Quarterly OTTOM travels to the Greater Dallas/Ft Worth area to work hand in hand with the ministry of The Walk Church USA and Pastor JaMarc Davis as together, we provide services to a number of Assisting Living and Alzheimer Centers.


OTTOM provides seminars on a number of topics. Our Evangelism Through the Arts Seminar has been conducted in the Philippines, Mexico, Russia and many other places.


Some of the most significant moments in my walk with God have been on a missions trip. For me, there’s nothing more life giving than going to another place, another culture, to share the story of the gospel. The funny thing about missions is that so often we go to give but end up receiving so much more in return. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time.

Victoria Cruz

Each trip with OTTOM has forced me to grow individually, brought each team together as a family, and revealed God in amazing ways all while pursuing the opportunity to bring His story to those who need to hear it.

Ashton Stafford

Being a leader with OTTOM has added a different component of ministry to my mission trips.  It has allowed me to reach out and minister to the people that are on our team in ways I may not be able to if I were joining the team as a regular member. To grow and and cultivate relationships in deeper ways. To be able to dig deeper into some of their lives and connect and pray and worship with them on a different level. And has allowed me to continue to use my passion for working with teens. It also adds a deeper level of commitment to each trip, a commitment to the other team  leaders and all those on the team.

Leanna Sevak

My involvement with One To The Other Ministries began in Costa Rica, 2009. The same thing that I experienced there happens every year with many of our missionaries: God moved sovereignty in my heart toward seeing His Kingdom come to the nations of people that we minister to every year. I am privileged to be part of a leadership team that melds God’s desire for the nations with the team’s desire to serve Him.

Mary Lou Briseno

OTTOM has given me a place to live out God’s purpose and design for my life. I get to really impact people’s lives first hand while God impacts my life in huge ways. OTTOM is not just an organization, but it is a family on mission. It has blessed my life and really shaped me into who I can be proud of to be today.

Julia Nix

Jesus gave me a family with OTTOM, it changed my Christian path and made me understand the urgency to share the gospel with everybody.

Andrés Camacho
As a traveler and junior leader with One To The Other, I have been able to minister in Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, California, and the DFW area. I’ve loved getting to do most of this ministry through Spellbound. OTTOM has given me incredible opportunities to expand my heart for the nations and to do so with my spiritual family.
Ashton Hogue
My name is Alex Valverde and I am currently serving as a junior leader. I have been a part of six missions trips with OTTOM starting with Jamaica in 2011. Each trip I have been on has been unique and impactful in its own way. It has been a blessing going on these missions trips as they have helped shape who I am today in being able to see the need and finding out ways in which I can help.
Alex Valverde
I have been a part of the OTTOM family since I was born and have loved every minute serving with this organization. Through OTTOM I have been given the opportunity to experience God’s amazing works and to be part of an amazing community of people. I am honored to be part of OTTOM leadership and look forward to many more opportunities to share the love of Jesus.
Elizabeth Kregenow
Working with OTTOM has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever participated in. I consider myself blessed to do the Lord’s work with the Lord’s people. Bringing people to Christ is the most valuable way to spend one’s time. There’s nothing else I’d rather do.
Drew Magness
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