Yes! Did it feel good to return to the DR, after a 3-year absence…oh yes indeed!

God gave us the opportunity to return to our Dominican family-friends on the western side of the island for a week, this past August. OTTOM’s smallest team ever to the DR, joined forces with a dynamic group of Dominican doctors, nurses, nurse techs and even nursing students, alongside a team of pastors, we conducted 9 ½  clinics in 4 ½  days, seeing more than 300 patients from the DR and neighboring Haiti.  Over $23,000 in medicines were distributed, at no cost, to all who came.


A patient’s journey through our clinics looks like this:

  • Registration, where they receive a numbered patient card and are welcomed to the clinic, we often have reading glasses or person hygiene kits to pass out during this time of waiting in line.
  • Triage, where their needs are assessed, and vitals are taken.
  • Doctor visit, where they can speak with the doctor (via an interpreter if needed).
  • Prayer, each person is prayed for individually before they leave the clinic.
  • Pharmacy, we prepare their prescriptions while the patient is in prayer, everyone leaves with free medication, even if they only need vitamins!


For many years OTTOM has been ministering in the Dominican Republic. In the DR, we have established a community of local doctors, nurses, and ministers that are willing, equipped, and ready to bring life, via the Gospel of Christ and via medical attention, to some of the most underserved areas in this beautiful country. OTTOM’s impact on this nation has been going on for 11 years and we look forward to continuing to invest in the communities there.


We are so grateful for our OTTOM family, who continues to help us help so many via medical missions. It’s people like you that help fuel the go-factor! Thank you!





God bless you all!

Committed to make a difference,

Pastor Victor A. Cruz

President – One to the Other Ministries


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