Official Missions Application Form

Since 1986, One to the Other Ministries has taken teams to over 65 nations with the purpose of sharing the love of Jesus.  Our teams have been as small as 8 and as large as 103, but no matter how big or small they have been, the passion to see lives transformed has been same.  We go as an act of obedience and we expect to see miracles and lives transformed, including ours.  Our passion to serve, love, and give is not limited to our outreaches overseas, but it is also our mandate here at home.

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Note: form must be notarized with signatures from both parents.

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The rules and regulations of One To The Other Ministries are designed to insure the safety and well-being of each individual.  We move towards being Christ-like examples to those we are trying to serve.  These guidelines help maintain the highest standard of Christian integrity required to minister in the USA and in cross-cultural settings.  As a willing participant of this trip/event, the traveler understands the rules and regulations set forth by One To The Other Ministries and agrees to adhere to all guidelines stated by the leadership.  The enforcement of these rules & regulations will be conducted in a manner that follows Christian principles.  Participant and parents/guardian will be required to fully submit to these rules & regulations, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

  1. Christ-like conduct will be the norm on this trip (24/7 NO EXCEPTIONS!).
  2. The full participation in individual and/or group training exercises is required both before and during the trip . This includes the completion of any training material or courses prior to the trip.
  3. Respect and honor for all members of the team and for all local contacts will be expected at all times.
  4. This trip is a time to build relationships that will last a lifetime; however, this does not mean the romantic type.  This applies to members of our team and with any locals.  PDA is strictly prohibited.  This applies in the USA and abroad.  Failure to comply may result in immediate dismissal from the team and a return home at your own expense.  If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are members of the same team, OTTOM must be informed prior to departing from the USA.  In the event OTTOM approves of the two of you traveling on the same team, OTTOM expects and will demand your full cooperation in making sure that your time is not limited to each other but that you will be full acting members of the entire team.
  5. No male and/or female will ever be allowed in the rooms/dorms of the opposite sex for any reason whatsoever.
  6. Time schedules set forth by OTTOM leadership will be honored and your on-time attendance is required.  This applies to (but is not limited to) quiet time/devotions, meals, departure times for ministry, meetings, etc.
  7. Safety is key to the success of a trip.  NO ONE will leave the premises of the hotel/campus without permission and once permission is granted, no one leaves alone.  There must be at least 3 or more in a group (staying together at all times) in order for leave to be granted.  This applies to any time off and the team’s off day as well.  In addition, there must be at least one male in the group at all times.
  8. OTTOM is not responsible for the loss of any electronics: iPhones/iPods/iPads, MP3’s, cameras, etc.  This also includes (but is not limited to) the loss of any phones, cameras or recording devices.  You bring these items/devices at your own risk.  OTTOM reserves the right to remove a device from a team member if it is affecting the team in a negative way or is being used in a manner that is not Christ-like.  The removal of items/devices may includes (but is not limited to) any magazine, book, movie, or music that does not represent OTTOM and the team in a Christ-like way.
  9. The use/purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal substances (of any type) will not be tolerated.  Possession of any of these items will result in immediate dismissal from the team and a return home at your own expense.
  10. Any physical conflict/fighting, harassment of any type, and/or the use of profanity is strictly prohibited at any time.
  11. Any type of firework, explosives, and/or firearms are strictly prohibited!
  12. The only drama allowed is the one on stage.  Personal issues must be brought to leadership immediately, especially if the issue is regarding another team member and/or local.  Any such issues will be handled according to the severity of the situation.  OTTOM reserves the right to define the outcome of the situation and the team member(s) will comply with the final decision. No exceptions.
  13. All team members are required to dress according to OTTOM standards.  Any team members not abiding by the standards listed below will be required to change when asked, no exceptions.  If any team member is unsure of the appropriateness of their attire they may ask any member of OTTOM leadership.
  14. Male and Female Clothing cannot display any improper or offensive material such as language, imagery, or subject matter.

    A. Male Dress Code:
  • Men will be required to wear a shirt at all times (except while in swimwear) when outside of their sleeping quarters.  This includes but is not limited to team building exercises and sporting events.  Likewise, under garments must not be visible at any time.
  • When attending any church services as guests men will be required to wear slacks along with a button up, collared shirt.
  • During any activities that require swimwear to be worn, speedos are prohibited.

    B. Female Dress Code:
  •  Tops may not be tight, low-cut, see-through, or expose the mid-drift.  Spaghetti straps or thin strapped tank tops may not be worn outside of sleeping quarters.  Undergarments and/or cleavage must not be visible.
  • Shorts must reach to your fingertips while your arms are at your side.  Athletic spandex (such as under armor type pants) may be worn with athletic shorts to help meet length requirements.  Skirts and dresses must reach to the knees while in a standing/sitting position.  Leggings/ Jeggings are not acceptable as pants and do not add to the length of any skirt or dress.
  • When attending church, shoulders must be covered.
  • Swimwear must be a one-piece bathing suit or (if two-pieces) must cover the entire mid-drift while hands are raised above the head.  If swimwear does not meet these guidelines, you will be required to wear a dark t-shirt or tank top over the bathing suit.